A People's Map Getting Some Attention by Bear Guerra

Our current collaboration with the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning was featured in the Daily Bulletin and StreetsBlog LA this week.

A People’s Map is exploring the rich heritage and unique identity of this eastern region of Los Angeles through hidden, untold, forgotten histories and local knowledge we’ll be sharing with the public this summer. Stay tuned for more throughout 2019.


New Essay: "The People In Their Labyrinth" by Bear Guerra

“In El Hatillo, a middle-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Caracas, Venezuela, there is a three-story building that looks as if it’s falling apart: The cream-colored paint is peeling off the walls and the garden is overgrown, wild, a place breeding critters of all kinds. In a room on the third floor, there is a large collection of supermarket cardboard boxes piled on top of one another.”

Read the rest of the essay (subscription needed) here.


New Opinion Piece: Police-State Tactics at the U.S.-Mexico Border by Bear Guerra

Here’s Ruxandra’s latest (and last) opinion column for High Country News for a while: "What once happened elsewhere, under faraway authoritarian regimes, is now taking place in front of us and rapidly eroding the moral core of American society... It is worth repeating these truths again and again: Illegal crossings are currently at a 46-year low. The National Guard has no business enforcing immigration laws. Asylum seekers are not criminals. And ultimately, there is no need for razor wire along the border wall in Nogales, Arizona, nor for taller concrete planks along the San Diego border."

Read the essay here.