Harvest Season Is Here by Bear Guerra

The sun sets on one of the hundreds of wineries in the Napa Valley and Sonoma wine producing region. Since the 1850s, this area has been valued by winemakers due to its unique climate and soil diversity, allowing for the production of many varieties of grapes in a concentrated geographic area. Photo by Bear Guerra for Bernardo Ruiz’s latest documentary film, “Harvest Season.” Bear’s images were made in conjunction with the film, offering a glimpse of life for the vineyard workers and small producers who are integral to the industry, but whose stories are rarely heard.

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South of Fletcher Launches by Bear Guerra

Say hello to our new limited-run podcast, "South of Fletcher: Stories from the Bowtie"!

It's the story of a seemingly nondescript piece of land in northeast LA -- a former rail yard that is set to become a park. But it's also a meditation on whose voices are heard in discussions about the future of a city, whose histories become part of our collective memory, and the traces we leave behind when landscapes are altered and neighborhoods change. Done in conjunction with (and with thanks to) LA-based arts organization, Clockshop.

Our accompanying photo and video exhibit will be up at Occidental College's Weingart Gallery until November 4. You're all invited for the opening this Thursday, September 13th, 5-8 pm. 


New Feature: California's Farmworkers Face Illness and Death in the Fields by Bear Guerra

"For the people who pick the country’s fruits and vegetables — an estimated 800,000 during peak season, about half of them in California alone — higher temperatures mean uncomfortable working conditions, a risk of serious illness and even the possibility of death. In California, there are already strict laws and regulations on the books to prevent some of the worst consequences. But as the future keeps warming, those may not be enough.

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New Opinion Piece: How Trump’s Tax Bill Pits the Rich Against the Poor by Ruxandra Guidi

"The final version of the Republican tax bill will not only cut taxes for large corporations and America’s wealthiest, but do so primarily by slashing trillions of dollars over the next decade from programs that serve low-income and middle-class families... If Occupy Wall Street was considered anti-capitalist, then the new tax law is a love song to social Darwinism in its purest form, shamelessly pitting the 1 percent against the 99 percent."

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Aurora's Story by Bear Guerra

photo courtesy of Bienvenidos Clinic

photo courtesy of Bienvenidos Clinic

Sitting on the carpet of her living room, Aurora looks like a typical teenager: She’s wearing colorful pajama pants and a t-shirt, a ring on each of her fingers, and her curly hair tied up in a high ponytail. She’s checking her smartphone every couple of minutes.

When she turned 15, that’s when things started going downhill, she says. She had a boyfriend who was manipulative and possessive — but that was only part of her problem; she’d been bullied at school for years, her grades were on a downward slope, and she felt disconnected from her family.

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