Bear gets a shout-out from American Photography by Ruxandra Guidi

Bear's Ecuador images (from the "other" Barcelona soccer team to the Cofán in the Amazon basin) get a shout-out from American Photography: “New York Times editor Jeffrey Furticella asked me to shoot this like I would the types of social reportage I more typically work on — to let the actual soccer playing be secondary to looking for the moments that tell us something more about the players, about the team culture, about the fans,” says Guerra.


Photo sale to benefit Ecuador's Cofán Survival Fund by Ruxandra Guidi

Our print sale with photos by Bear Guerra is still on until the end of the year! We will ship the prints (exhibition quality, archival pigment ink print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper) to the recipient, with 60% of all proceeds going directly to the Cofan Survival Fund and their work in the field in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. 

You can order prints here.


Photographing Ecuador's Cofán community by Bear Guerra

Bear recently traveled to the Cofán community of Dureno (in the Ecuadorean Amazon) with our friend and collaborator, anthropologist Michael Cepek, who is working on a book, "Life in Oil," which describes the history and consequences of the oil industry from a Cofán perspective. Their collaboration will be out sometime next year.

Photo by Michael Cepek.

Photo by Michael Cepek.

A Portrait of Alicia Cahuiya by Bear Guerra

Portrait of Alicia Cahuiya by photographer Felipe Jacome:

Portrait of Alicia Cahuiya by photographer Felipe Jacome:

We're excited to be able to see Alicia Cahuiya again this May. We met last year in Panama; she's a Waorani leader in Ecuador's Amazon who has challenged president Rafael Correa and transnational companies on oil exploitation and logging in Yasuní National Park, where she lives. Her story will air later this summer as part of a series on climate change and women on The World