As Pope Francis Visits Ecuador, Women There Say They're Losing Ground by Bear Guerra

Correa is known outside Ecuador for his investment in social programs and infrastructure. But many of his critics argue that his policies toward women are among the most conservative in Latin America. Women’s groups in Ecuador say they’ve been losing a series of hard-won rights since Correa first came into office in 2007.

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Stray Bullets and Forgiveness: A BBC radio documentary by Bear Guerra

Sharletta Evans lost her three year-old son, Casson, when a stray bullet pierced her car. The boy responsible - Raymond Johnson - was caught, and imprisoned, but Sharletta didn’t let the story end there. She bound herself to that boy, and to the mother of an accomplice - Paul Littlejohn - in extraordinary ways. Part of the BBC World Service's "Real America" storytelling project.

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