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Going Gray in LA travels to the Los Angeles Public Library by Ruxandra Guidi

Following Broadway, an 18-mile avenue that cuts through the working-class heart of Los Angeles, last year we journeyed from Lincoln Heights, into Chinatown, through Downtown, and on to South LA to find out how our city is changing and what makes life worth living — as we grow old in Los Angeles. This photo exhibit will live at the first floor galleries of the LA Public Library downtown from October 6, 2017 until January 25, 2018. Free and open to all ages!

More on the exhibit here.


Cofán Survival Fund print sale is on by Bear Guerra

For the next few months, Bear will be collaborating with the Cofan Survival Fund/Fundación Sobrevivencia Cofán (a nonprofit dedicated to the survival of the Cofán indigenous culture and its home in the Ecuadorean Amazon). Prints of Bear's work in the community are available for sale, and 60% of proceeds will go to the Cofán Survival Fund. Thank you for helping us spread the word! Visit the photo sale here.

You're Invited: The Final Event for "Going Gray in LA" by Bear Guerra

In the coming decades, Los Angeles is going to look a lot grayer. A County’s senior population will doubl in the next 15 year. ousing, health care and the job market will have to adapt to a population that is working and living longer in a city built for the young. 

On Sunday, April 9th, 2017, join us at Los Angeles' Japanese American National Museum for a live conversation and exhibit documenting an 18-mile avenue stretch of Broadway, cutting through the working class heart of the city; from Lincoln Heights, into Chinatown, through Downtown, and on to South LA.


Upcoming: Broadway Stories airing this Fall on KCRW by Bear Guerra

We're excited to finally be able to roll out our collaboration with KCRW's Independent Producer Project this Fall! We'll be telling stories about growing old in the city of youth. Like the story of 85 year-old Mrs. Yeung, who lives in a single room occupancy building above a factory in a working-class neighborhood of Los Angeles. She pays $345 a month for the 80 square-foot room where she sleeps, cooks, eats, and watches TV. Mrs. Yeung is not alone: about a third of women over 65 years of age in Los Angeles live by themselves, too.

Bear Guerra featured on Latin American Fotografia by Bear Guerra

Bear was interviewed about his favorite little subject for this blog post by American Photography:

"Though on the one hand I’m simply setting out to document Camila's life as part of our family history, I also see this project as a way for me to show my love for her through my work, as a way for me to remain attentive to the beautiful moments of childhood and everyday life, in general, and to learn to see better as a photographer. I basically always have my camera nearby and just grab it when something grabs my attention.”