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An Audio Documentary Workshop in La Guajira, Colombia by Bear Guerra

Puente Consultorías’ Al Borde project invited Ruxandra to teach an audio documentary storytelling workshop in La Guajira, inside a Wayúu indigenous community on the Colombia-Venezuela border. The Spanish workshop was open to anyone, at any experience level. After a week running around, gathering interviews and other audio, we sat under the light of an almost-full moon amongst dozens of Wayúu children, men and women drinking chicha and listening to the sound-rich pieces.


Talking about Criminal Justice Reform in Harris County, Texas by Bear Guerra

70 million is a new podcast about various efforts to reform the criminal justice system across the country. There are 70 million adults with a criminal record in the United States, and the podcast reflects on how the complex web of correctional and detention systems ensnares tens of millions. In this interview, Ruxandra tells Houston Matters of Houston Public Radio how criminal justice reform is coming to tough-on-crime Harris County, Texas.

Listen to the full interview here.