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Upcoming Stories from El Salvador by Bear Guerra


Ruxandra just spent a few days in the small and slow town of Intipucá in El Salvador, "the only place in the world to have built a monument to its first migrant." She also traveled to Chalatenango, an area that was heavily hit by the civil war in the Eighties, when Salvadoran armed forces killed thousands of local peasants. These stories, looking at migration and community rebuilding, were made possible with the support of Round Earth Media. Coming very soon to radio and print. 

The latest collab: Thai anti-trafficking measures prove controversial by Bear Guerra

We traveled to Bangkok and Chiang Mai this past Summer on a fellowship from the International Center for Journalists  to work on a few stories about the U.S. Evangelical influence in anti-human and sex trafficking activities in Thailand. Here's one of the stories, which aired on Deutsche Welle.

Listen to the radio story.