Balu Wala, or the Kuna Good Life by Bear Guerra

Our latest piece done with the support of a Mongabay Special Reporting Initiative fellowship is out:

At 85 years old, Don Jesús is finally realizing one of his lifelong dreams: to formally teach Kuna, also known as Guna, traditions to the next generation of boys and girls. Every week, he illustrates and jots down definitions of dozens of artifacts, plants, and customs that have been integral parts of his culture for hundreds of years. By putting them down on paper, he’s preparing for his next weekly class, but also, keeping a record before he forgets. He’s doing this to make sure his people don’t forget as well.

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Returning to Kuna Yala, Panama by Bear Guerra

We're honored to be amongst Mongabay's new Special Reporting Initiative fellows! This summer, we'll be reporting from Panama, exploring what’s at stake for the Kuna, whose livelihoods are already being affected by sea level rise and climate change. We'll also look at the ways in which they are adapting to it while trying to preserve their customs and sovereign control of their forests.

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