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New Urgency to Reform Education in Latin America by Bear Guerra

Seeking better schools, Latin America  – the world's most unequal region – is trying models like Teach for America. Their findings may prove a great example to follow for deprived public schools across America. Co-written with Whitney Eulich for The Christian Science Monitor with support from The International Reporting Project.

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Why a Tribe in Panama Rejected Pay for their Carbon-Rich Forests by Bear Guerra

Our first story in a series produced thanks to's Special Reporting Initiative tells the story of why the Kuna peoples of Panama have voted against the prevailing global program to stop deforestation:

Over 12 million hectares of forests are lost every year worldwide due to deforestation releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Paying forest-dwellers to keep trees standing is REDD+’s important mandate, but one that doesn't sit well with many indigenous peoples, including the Kuna.

Read the story here.

Joining Homelands Productions by Bear Guerra

We are thrilled to announce that we (Bear Guerra and Ruxandra Guidi, a.k.a. Fonografia Collective) are now full-fledged producers and members of Homelands Productions! We've been huge fans of their stories, documentaries, books, and series over the years and can't wait to be working alongside them.

Check out Homelands, and their most recent series, Food for 9 Billion.