Bear's work among the winners in Latin American Fotografía 5 Awards by Bear Guerra

Bear Guerra is amongst the winners of American Photography's Latin American Fotografía awards this year with three photos -- two documenting the protests against Rafael Correa in Ecuador, and a portrait of Olga Mori from our story about the Shipibo community in the Cantagallo shanty town, in Lima, Peru, published in America's Quarterly. The images can be seen in a slideshow at

Indigenous Residents of Lima's Cantagallo Shantytown Confront an Uncertain Future by Bear Guerra

The pueblo joven, or shantytown, of Cantagallo sits atop a former landfill in Lima, wedged between a freeway and the Rímac River. Founded in 2000 by roughly 15 indigenous Shipibo families who were part of a mass exodus of Amazonian immigrants pushed out of their communities by logging, illegal mining and infrastructure development in the Amazon Basin, Cantagallo grew into an important center of indigenous identity and culture in Peru’s capital — an example of how an indigenous community could navigate urban life without losing its roots.

This piece was done with the support of The International Reporting Project. Read the rest of it here