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Bringing LA's Chinatown and Little Tokyo together through Takachizu by Bear Guerra

On January 14th, we'll be joining a group of artists, storytellers and activists to host Takachizu: Staying Home.

The gathering in English, Cantonese and Japanese will feature photos, multimedia, food, conversation and personal stories about what it means to make a home in a big city like LA--and what it takes to stay there.

To listen/see our stories from Little Tokyo and Chinatown visit our Going Gray in L.A. website.

Introducing "Going Gray in LA" by Bear Guerra

Our in-progress, year-long project about aging in Los Angeles is now called “Going Gray in LA: Stories of Aging along Broadway."

The first two radio stories from Lincoln Heights, a couple photo essays, and some additional content is available on our project website here.

Please check back from time to time, as we will be airing stories and adding content to the website regularly through next Spring.

We'll be collaborating with KCRW in Los Angeles starting this April by Bear Guerra

We are so happy to announce that starting in April, we will be collaborating with KCRW's Independent Producer Project on a year-long project! We'll be telling stories about growing old in the city of youth, and will be eager to hear of anyone you know who might be worth talking to --or picking their brain-- on this subject. See you all in LA.


Joining Homelands Productions by Bear Guerra

We are thrilled to announce that we (Bear Guerra and Ruxandra Guidi, a.k.a. Fonografia Collective) are now full-fledged producers and members of Homelands Productions! We've been huge fans of their stories, documentaries, books, and series over the years and can't wait to be working alongside them.

Check out Homelands, and their most recent series, Food for 9 Billion.