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You're Invited: The Final Event for "Going Gray in LA" by Bear Guerra

In the coming decades, Los Angeles is going to look a lot grayer. A County’s senior population will doubl in the next 15 year. ousing, health care and the job market will have to adapt to a population that is working and living longer in a city built for the young. 

On Sunday, April 9th, 2017, join us at Los Angeles' Japanese American National Museum for a live conversation and exhibit documenting an 18-mile avenue stretch of Broadway, cutting through the working class heart of the city; from Lincoln Heights, into Chinatown, through Downtown, and on to South LA.


Introducing "Going Gray in LA" by Bear Guerra

Our in-progress, year-long project about aging in Los Angeles is now called “Going Gray in LA: Stories of Aging along Broadway."

The first two radio stories from Lincoln Heights, a couple photo essays, and some additional content is available on our project website here.

Please check back from time to time, as we will be airing stories and adding content to the website regularly through next Spring.

We'll be collaborating with KCRW in Los Angeles starting this April by Bear Guerra

We are so happy to announce that starting in April, we will be collaborating with KCRW's Independent Producer Project on a year-long project! We'll be telling stories about growing old in the city of youth, and will be eager to hear of anyone you know who might be worth talking to --or picking their brain-- on this subject. See you all in LA.


The Friendship Between Su Baw and Her Teacher, Ron Levis by Bear Guerra

Su Baw, a Burmese refugee, talks about the challenges of settling into life in the U.S. She's had help from one of her English teachers, who's also given her the chance to keep in touch with friends and family back in the camp she once called home.

Listen to the BBC World Service radio documentary here (17 minutes into the broadcast).