Ruxandra Teaching at a Podcasting Retreat for Women this November by Bear Guerra

Ruxandra be teaching audio storytelling at this podcasting retreat for women this November. We'll meet over a weekend at El Coronado Ranch, by the Chiricahua Mountains, close to the New Mexico border. It'll be as dreamy as it sounds.

Wed, Nov 13 – Sun, Nov 17, 2019.



Ruxandra Joins Faculty at the University of Arizona School of Journalism by Bear Guerra

Ruxandra Guidi, an assistant professor of practice who grew up in Venezuela, has been a freelance reporter, editor and teacher for two decades.

She specializes in audio reporting and podcasting and has contributed to High Country News, BBC’s The World, NPR’s Latino USA, The Guardian and the Kitchen Sisters. With her husband she created the Fonografia Collective website, focusing on “empathetic and culturally sensitive documentary storytelling about everyday people around the world.”
Guidi succeeds retired Professor Terry Wimmer as the instructor and editor for Arizona Sonora News, the school’s capstone media course. She’s excited about helping students “dream up” unique approaches to stories while learning how to report on the community and the border.
“And I'm really excited about coming up with projects that we can do together as a class,” such as podcasting or a long-form magazine with a theme, “encouraging students to pursue their own approach to storytelling,” Guidi said.

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An Audio Documentary Workshop in La Guajira, Colombia by Bear Guerra

Puente Consultorías’ Al Borde project invited Ruxandra to teach an audio documentary storytelling workshop in La Guajira, inside a Wayúu indigenous community on the Colombia-Venezuela border. The Spanish workshop was open to anyone, at any experience level. After a week running around, gathering interviews and other audio, we sat under the light of an almost-full moon amongst dozens of Wayúu children, men and women drinking chicha and listening to the sound-rich pieces.


Teaching Audio Storytelling at the Colombia-Venezuela Border by Bear Guerra

In a little more than a month, Ruxandra will be teaching a podcasting and documentary storytelling workshop in La Guajira, inside a Wayúu indigenous community on the Colombia-Venezuela border. It'll be in Spanish and open to anyone, at any experience level. It'll cost $500 per person for the week, including lodging, breakfast, dinner, and local transport. If you're interested, please contact us or Puente Consultorías at inscripciones@puenteconsultorias.com and feel free to share with anyone -- especially folks in Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, or other neighboring countries.

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