Día de los Difuntos (All Souls Day) in Calderón, Ecuador by Bear Guerra

The most traditional celebration of All Souls Day in the Quito area takes place just outside of the city in the rural community of Calderón. One of the many examples in this region of the syncretism of indigenous Andean culture and Catholicism, every November 2nd the families of loved ones buried in Calderón's cemetery gather there to beautify their grave sites and celebrate their memory. All photos ©Bear Guerra.

Fiesta a la Señora de Guápulo by Bear Guerra

A small glimpse of the last day of Guápulo's largest street party, in Quito. Images from Sunday, 06 September 2015. © Bear Guerra.

In the grand finale of the three-day festival -- which became a local tradition in 1587 -- a girl and a boy (the queen and the king) paraded down Guápulo's steep and narrow main street alongside dancers dressed as clowns and gorillas, while a brass band played on and people threw oranges into the crowd. It was straight out of a Fellini film.