Bear's "Nature In Focus" Photo Workshop by Bear Guerra


Photography has become an important part of everyday life, but did you know that you can take beautiful photos with your phone that can also be used for science? Photography instructor Bear Guerra will share tips and tricks in this workshop at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County to make the most of your camera. November 6 | 7-9 pm on Tuesday evening.

Teaching Audio Storytelling at the Colombia-Venezuela Border by Bear Guerra

In a little more than a month, Ruxandra will be teaching a podcasting and documentary storytelling workshop in La Guajira, inside a Wayúu indigenous community on the Colombia-Venezuela border. It'll be in Spanish and open to anyone, at any experience level. It'll cost $500 per person for the week, including lodging, breakfast, dinner, and local transport. If you're interested, please contact us or Puente Consultorías at and feel free to share with anyone -- especially folks in Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, or other neighboring countries.

colombia 1.jpeg