"A People's Map" Wraps Up by Bear Guerra

Ruxandra Guidi & Bear Guerra's yearlong collaboration with the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning is wrapping up this summer with free newspapers, books and community events throughout the East San Gabriel Valley! A sneak peek:

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Newspaper for "A People's Map" Is Out by Bear Guerra


We are finishing up our collaboration with the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning, called “A People’s Map.” For the past year, we’ve explored the rich heritage and identity of the East San Gabriel Valley region, collecting unique, hidden, untold, and forgotten histories and stories about the region.

Soon, a newspaper featuring the many personal stories we found will be available throughout the East San Gabriel Valley, in three languages.

New Essay: "As Venezuela Divided, So Did My Family" by Bear Guerra

“For 15 years, I let propaganda come between my father and me. The late Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías had been in power for over a decade. Even though in my twenties I too was enamored of him—of the idea of a leader with a social agenda, a political outsider who looked nothing like the previous white bureaucrats—just a handful of years into his presidency, I had completely fallen out of love with his revolution. In principle, I applauded his efforts to use oil profits to fund social programs, but over time, I saw Chávez defunding and attacking the country's independent democratic institutions. My dad, though, hadn't fallen out of love. To him, Chávez would become something of a messiah.”

Read the full essay on Pacific Standard here.


A People's Map Book Will Be Out Soon by Bear Guerra


Since last summer 2018, we’ve been building a project in collaboration with the LA County Department of Regional Planning, exploring the rich heritage and identity of LA County’s East San Gabriel Valley. This summer, we will be sharing residents’ hidden, untold, or forgotten histories of this unique region through public events, a newspaper, a book, and a website.

More about our project and events here.