Here are few samples of photo stories and ongoing projects. For more of Bear's documentary and editorial photographic work, you can visit his personal website at


NPR Picture Show | La Carretera: Life Along Peru's Interoceanic Highway

In 2010, Bear began documenting life along Peru's Interoceanic Highway, a new route crossing the spectacular terrain from the Pacific Coast, over the Andes Mountains, through the Amazon Basin to the Brazilian border. 


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OnEarth Magazine | The New Diseases at our Doorstep 

Climate change and the movement of people and goods across our borders will force us to revamp our health-care defenses. Photographs for a story by Kim Larsen about the rise in dengue fever cases along the Texas-Mexico border. 

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 Virginia Quarterly Review | Mother of God, Child of Zeus

Photographs for Jessica Benko's story about illegal gold mining in Peru's Southern Amazon Basin. 


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Virginia Quarterly Review | Coca Sí, Cocaína No

Bolivian President Evo Morales won office in 2006 with the support of the nation's coca growers. He's supporting those cocaleros with his "Coca Sí, Cocaína No" program, allowing coca to be produced and marketed legally, while barring production of cocaine. This is a difficult line for Morales to walk, as he tries to satisfy both his citizens and the international community.


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