INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS (call for stories) / by Bear Guerra

Via Reveal:

“We send these call-outs when we’re trying to fill a specific need in an upcoming hour, in the hopes that the possible themes will resonate with an idea you have or a story that’s already in the works. But we are always interested in great stories. Without further ado, here’s what we’re looking for:

Signing away the right to boycott 

The story we have in place for this hour is about boycotts as a form of protected speech. The main characters are individuals fighting for their right to boycott, and being asked to sign away that right as a condition of employment.

We’re looking for stories that will complement this one, but not duplicate it--with different kinds of characters and different points to make. Maybe it’s a story about a boycott that has nothing to do with free speech; or, conversely, a story about some totally different un-speech-like activity being defended on free speech grounds. Maybe it’s a story about a significant political boycott, like the movement to divest from fossil fuel companies or the anti-apartheid movement; or maybe it’s a story about someone trying to do their own private boycott, unconnected to a larger political movement, and how deceptively difficult that is under 2018 capitalism. Maybe it’s a story about different kinds of rights that people sign away as a condition of employment. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. You tell us!

We're looking for stories that take us somewhere new, with compelling characters, twists and turns, big ideas and surprises. It could be an investigation you've been working on for months, or a revealing narrative interview with a great character you just met. If you have an idea, please fill out the pitch form. For the question, "Are you responding to a Call for Pitches?" Please write: “Boycotts as speech”

DEADLINE: January 5.