JOURNALISTS COVERING CRIMINAL JUSTICE (call for pitches) / by Bear Guerra

Via Lantigua Williams & Co:

“Following a successful first season, 70 Million, the open-source solutions journalism podcast, will begin production on its second season in January 2019.

Creator and executive producer Juleyka Lantigua-Williams and the 70 Million team want your ideas on how to illuminate the complexities of the criminal justice system through long-form audio narratives that: explore solutions, inside or outside the walls of the actual jail; introduce compelling characters who are system-involved; and immerse listeners in sound and scene-rich audio storytelling. Below are some initial topics and locations we’ve been thinking about. Feel free to expand on any of these in your own pitch, or send us something you are already working on or want to be working on.

Target Topics:

Racial exclusion in the legal cannabis economy, Women and opioid abuse and incarceration, public defenders + ending cyclical jailing, bail reform at a city or county level, the bond industry, role of judges in restorative justice and determent, progressive prosecutors, court procedures around police testimonials (false statements, questionable evidence, coerce confessions, plea deals etc.), ICE detention at local jails, sanctuary cities vs. ICE, generational impact of ‘War on Drugs’ legislation, economics of the local jail (informal economy, vendors, commissary, family remittances, etc.), charging juveniles as adults, plea bargains, addiction treatment in custody, parents in custody, tech at the local jail and more.

Pitches should include: Link to your website/work portfolio/LinkedIn; Link to 1-2 long-form reported audio pieces; How the local angle reflects a national issue; Who you would; feature in the piece; Why you are the best person for this story; Your expected fee, based on experience Ideal Reporters Live in or are from the area they’re reporting on Report on their own communities Have previously reported on criminal justice Have experience with long-form narrative audio Can think in sound; Love meeting deadlines Work well with editors; Fact check their work thoroughly; Speak a second language Please send your 600-word pitches to”

DEADLINE: January 14.