PODCASTMAKERS (call for projects) / by Bear Guerra

Via American Public Media:

“Got a podcast idea? We're launching an open call for pitches, starting today!

We’re looking for storytellers, producers and new talent to join us in entertaining, educating and connecting with people in new ways.

We’re ultimately looking for two to three new show ideas to develop into pilots and potentially full seasons of at least six episodes. If selected for a full season, APM will also provide marketing and PR support, underwriting/sales and membership opportunities, and the opportunity to collaborate, cross-promote and learn from other APM Podcast teams.

APM’s current slate of shows include a range of critically acclaimed content, from the kids’ science podcast Brains On and the U.S. Poet Laureate’s podcast The Slowdown, to the laughing-through-your tears Terrible, Thanks for Asking. At APM, we take on criminal justice, the economy, history, comedy, mental health and more. You can find a full list of our shows here.

For this open call, it’s not required that you have professional audio or media production experience (although that doesn’t hurt, either). It IS important that you have a stand-out, timely idea that will resonate deeply with listeners.”

DEADLINE: February 15.