Via ArtPlace America:

“Interested in coming together with other rural thought leaders to express the rural dimensions of equity and social justice in arts and culture? Join us at the #RuralGen Summit in Mississippi 5/22-5/24! @NextGenRural.

The 2019 Rural Generation Summit is designed as a unique blend of immersive local engagement with our Mississippi Delta host partners, regional development impact for the host communities, and a distinct rural thought leadership applied to expressing the rural dimensions of equity and social justice in the arts and culture landscape. To achieve this trifecta for the rural field, we are aligning research, practice, and policy towards the cohesion and innovation of the rural creative field.

A Summit of this nature in this cultural moment presents a historic opportunity to consider the practices, projects, institutions, and funding priorities that build equity for communities that have been historically disadvantaged. Given the current social climate in our country, we feel that Rural Generation’s direct engagement with rural communities can embody the value, diversity, and nuance of contemporary rural culture and inspire lasting connections to rural people and places. To join the movement and lend a hand, contact us at”