PODCAST SENIOR PRODUCERS (temp gig in LA) / by Bear Guerra

Via Wondery:

“Wondery Media (Dr. Death, Dirty John, Gladiator) is looking for an LA-based senior audio producer for season 2 of the weekly ongoing series I, SURVIVOR. I, SURVIVOR is a host-driven interview podcast featuring survivor stories from strong women and men. 

Producer Responsibilities:
Oversee the day to day producing of the series (6 months)
Direct and produce host-driven interviews, craft questions, brainstorm with producers about subject and guests, cut and mix tape. 

Minimum four years producing experience.
Narrative storytelling background preferred
Extensive interview experience, comfortable directing a host
An understanding of what makes a story relatable, dramatic, or interesting, and what makes compelling audio and sound.
You must be comfortable with difficult subject material.
ProTools knowledge is essential. 

Please send an email and resume to Leah Sutherland at wonderyjobs@gmail.com along with a links to your work. Put “I, Survivor” in the subject. Prefer an LA-based producer as we record out of our LA studio, but it’s not essential for the right candidate.”