US JOURNALISTS COVERING PUBLIC LANDS (grant, November 15) / by Bear Guerra

Via Society for Environmental Journalists:

“SEJ members in good standing may apply with no fee, as can members of diversity journalism associations (e.g., National Association of Hispanic Journalists, National Association of Black Journalists, Native American Journalists Association, Asian American Journalists Association, South Asian Journalists Association, Association of LGBTQ Journalists).

  • What is the news value of the project? If the topic is broad or familiar, does the project make an original contribution?

  • TIP: Focus on what makes it new or original, or how it would advance a story that's already gotten coverage. Include some context, recognizing that there are very few stories that have never gotten any attention before. And provide at least a brief summary of how you would go about reporting or telling this story. Address logistics, timing and key figures to be featured. Don’t worry, we’ll keep details of your plan confidential.

  • How strong is the publication/dissemination plan for the completed work? Who is the potential audience? What is its potential number?

  • TIP: Don't just tell us so-and-so will publish or air your work; include a letter or letters of commitment. If editors won't commit, at least get letters expressing interest from the outlet or outlets to which you'll be submitting the story or stories. Lacking those, we only have your word your story will see the light of day, which reminds us of the old journalism saying, "If your mother says she loves you, check it out."

DEADLINE: November 15.