RUSSIA AND U.S. JOURNALISTS (data training, November 12) / by Bear Guerra


Via Sunlight Foundation:

”The Sunlight Foundation is thrilled to announce the Technology For Integrity program, described below, in partnership with our colleagues from Transparency International Russia. Stronger ties between US and Russian anti-corruption work, from investigation to advocacy to analysis, will help strengthen efforts in both countries. Corruption functions internationally, and using data to help build more transparent, accountable governments should as well. Please share the program description with anyone you think might benefit from such an exchange.

We are looking for American and Russian journalists, NGO workers, and civic activists, and students who would like to help us pursue these goals. Participants must have a basic knowledge of data use and want to be involved in helping fight corruption in Russia and the United States. We are waiting for you. If you want to advance your fields of data use for accountability to participate in an exchange where you can also compete to advance your ideas.”

DEADLINE: November 12.