Via Type Investigations:

”Type Investigations is seeking an experienced, ambitious, proven investigative editor to lead an award-winning newsroom in creating high-impact journalism. The Editor in Chief will oversee our editorial agenda while envisioning creative approaches to growing the project.

In addition to bringing significant experience as an investigative reporter and editor; impeccable journalistic standards; strong writing, editing, and organizational skills; an eye for impactful stories; and management or leadership experience, the ideal candidate will:

  • Be able to develop and articulate a strategic vision for our newsroom, bringing an entrepreneurial approach to growth. The candidate must have an inspiring vision of the role of the independent press in our democracy, a detailed understanding of the shifting media landscape, and the ability to synthesize these into a dynamic game plan. This person will be nimble in envisioning our vital role in that landscape, and flexible enough to pursue multiple avenues through development and execution.

  • Work with our CEO and development team to build a sustainable fundraising plan for general support, writer fellowships, and special projects that reflect our editorial priorities.

  • Conceive, assign, edit, and supervise high-impact investigative projectsto appear in a variety of media including radio, broadcast, and the written word. This will require a strong track record of developing long-form narrative projects, as well as a deep understanding of the complex interplay of hard-hitting investigative findings and compelling story-telling that allows our work to resonate with its intended audience.

  • Engage in high-level newsroom supervision, overseeing our team of editors and researchers, ensuring meticulous ethical and journalistic standards, and updating protocols with an eye toward best practices. At the same time, they must be a leader who encourages dialogue with colleagues, trouble-shoots problems, builds consensus, and motivates team members. They should also have a proven track record of attracting and developing talent among writers, editors, and researchers.”

DEADLINE: Rolling.