AUDIO AND FILMMAKERS (call for proposals, November 13) / by Bear Guerra

Via BBC World Service:

“BBC World Service and Sundance Institute are collaborating on Rulebreakers, a series of audio documentaries with accompanying short films.

We are seeking creative and ambitious pitches from film-makers, journalists, audio producers and podcasters on the theme of broken rules.

In this era of constant challenge to convention and established hierarchies, innovators, iconoclasts, the brave, the brilliant and the shameless are relentlessly attacking old ways of doing things. For many this is threatening, unsettling and unwelcome. But rulebreaking in love, in family, across religious traditions, between cultures, in sport, technology and in every corner of our lives can also be constructive as well as destructive.

We invite you to submit treatments about people who are breaking the rules, the consequences for them and for the people and systems around them. Pitches for Rulebreakers should address the theme in the most lateral and creative ways. They must be original, intimate, essential and thought-provoking.

Each funded project will comprise a half-hour audio documentary for radio and podcast together with an accompanying thematically-related 2-6 minute film. We encourage you to think about all of the rich possibilities for audio production, including the composition of original music, the creation of audio soundscapes, recording in stereo and binaural and more. Keep in mind that audio documentary is particularly successful at engaging with our internal emotional lives.

The short-form visual story may be a narrative film, an audio slideshow, animation or other appropriate form.

We welcome pitches for stories from around the world, and particularly encourage submissions for stories that are taking place outside the USA. Previous BBC World Service-Sundance collaborations have featured documentaries from Nigeria, Finland, Macedonia, India, the Pacific Islands, Greece and Costa Rica.

BBC World Service will fund the production of up to six projects and the collaboration offers documentary-makers the opportunity to tell stories in the English language for a weekly audience of 97 million listeners. Short films will feature on the popular BBC World Service digital platforms.”

DEADLINE: November 13.