PODCAST PRODUCERS (job) / by Bear Guerra

Via Darknet Diaries:

“The podcast Darknet Diaries is similar to This American Life or Snap Judgement but exclusively does stories about cyber crime and hacking. Episodes typically consist of interviews with sources weaved in with narration from the host along with music beds and effects. Stories are factual and must be fact checked. The show sometimes gets pretty technical.

Help is needed in the following areas:

* Help sort through story ideas and pitches
* Help plan interview questions
* Help cut tape after interview to get the good tape out of it
* Help write narration to connect the story together
* Help edit and craft the story
* Help assemble the tape and narration and clips into the editor.
* Help add music beds, ambiance, and effects

Are any of these things something you’re good at or want to get into and learn?

We are looking for a part time producer to help put together episodes and get them out. This is a paid opportunity and rates are determined by your experience. The position is remote but prefer US based to be on similar time zones to work together.

If interested, drop me an email jack@darknetdiaries.com and tell me about your experience in audio. Send me some stuff you’ve made for me to listen to.”