Via Vox Media:

“Vox Media, one of the fastest growing purveyors of top-notch podcasts, is looking for a talented narrative audio producer to join the team of our daily news podcast, Today, ExplainedToday, Explained produces five episodes each week that offer an end-of-day perspective on the news. This is a high-pressure environment and we’re looking for a Senior Producer who can hit the ground running. 

What you'll do: 

You’ll work closely with Today, Explained’s Executive Producer to edit and oversee production of daily episodes - including conceiving episodes, managing producers, booking guests, developing scripts, overseeing tape gathering and sound design, and editing. We are a collaborative team where everyone pitches in, and from time to time you will do everything from fill in for the EP to producing a regular episode of the show to fact checking, and other tasks as needed.”