NARRATIVE AUDIO EDITORS (job) / by Bear Guerra

Via This American Life:

“The way our program is run, there’s the Executive Editor who oversees editorial decision-making and a Managing Editor who’s responsible for overall workflow and generally keeping the trains running on time. This job includes big picture planning (what stories get produced when, what shows are coming up, who is working on what stories and episodes) as well as logistical details (who’s on vacation or reporting trips, how much work each story will require).  The program has over a dozen producers and a half dozen editors putting together stories and episodes. It’s the Managing Editor who runs the schedule, assigns show themes and stories, works with our producers and editors to generally keep oversight on what everyone’s doing, and makes sure things are going smoothly. All of this is done in consultation with the Executive Editor and the show’s Host/Executive Producer Ira Glass. 

In the last few weeks of production on any episode, the Managing Editor coordinates with the teams that fact-check and mix all the stories.    

As part of all that, the Managing Editor :

  • Keeps track of who is working on what, who’s got too much to do, and who’s available to take on an assignment. This means being in regular contact with much of the staff, both producers and editors.

  • Communicates with staff about production updates, meeting recaps, and anything people need to know as we get a show to air.

  • Runs our weekly editors meeting.

  • Makes sure that producers who need training get what they need. This is something they manage in close partnership with the show’s editors.

  • Manages out-of-office time for producers and editors.

  • Sets contributor fees.

    Based in New York City.”