STORY SCOUTS/PRODUCERS (contract gig) / by Bear Guerra

Via Snap Judgement:

“Snap Judgment, an award winning radio show and podcast (heard on over 400 NPR stations nationwide, and downloaded over two million times every month) is seeking a temporary producer for its spin-off podcast, Spooked.

Based in downtown Oakland California, the Spooked producer will work full-time with the show for the duration of season 3 production. This contract is expected to last eight months but may be extended. The producer is in charge of finding, pitching, and producing original stories for the show. The producer reports to the Spooked Lead Producer, Managing Editor, and Executive Producers.

Responsibilities include:

Finding pitches for Spooked. The Spooked producer should have a strong sense of story, a passion for paranormal stories, and ability to understand what kinds of narratives will work for the show. Producers must be able to envision how to tackle a story and bring it to their fellow producers for pitch and edit meetings. They should have a keen sense of where to look for stories from Reddit, to self-published memoirs, to the far reaches of YouTube and elsewhere. Producer should be able to work with our listeners and determine if listener pitches would work for the show.
The Spooked producer should be able to actualize pitches into produced stories, setting up interviews and tape syncs, transcribing and cutting tape, bringing story drafts to edits with Snap Judgment and Spooked staff, and judiciously editing stories.
During the course of this contract, the Spooked producer must produce 6 complete stories (from pitch to final edit), and must produce three additional pitches provided to them.
Candidate should be a strong writer, able to write show copy to meet the voice and personality of the show, and able to create a compelling narrative around paranormal stories.

This is a full-time temporary position, based in Snap’s Oakland offices. Flexible hours are negotiable. Producer will be expected to be able to work through October.

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to”