AUDIO DOCUMENTARY MAKERS (call for pitches) / by Bear Guerra

Via Love + Radio:

“Thanks for your interest in working with Love + Radio! Collaboration is a huge part of the show, and we couldn’t do it without the help of folks like you. Okay, here goes.

Our ‘standard’ template:

  • longform (20-60 minutes)

  • one central character

  • unnarrated

95% of the time, a good L+R piece is one that brings up feelings of ambivalence (in the strictest sense of the term). To paraphrase one documentary maker: “Don’t make radio about something you just hate. Don’t make radio about something you just love. Make radio when you aren’t sure if you hate it or love it. Doubts are crucial for making art. Make radio when you hate and love at the same time.”

Here’s some other stuff we look for:

  • Has elements that are surprising (“You’d think ____ would be like this, but it’s actually like this.”)

  • Seems sensationalist at first glance, but is revealed to be more complex.

  • Tests our assumptions, prejudices, and comfort zones.

  • Has an element of unpredictability, either in storytelling or personality.

  • Has unique perspectives or personal philosophies.

  • Has stories with nontraditional narrative structures.

  • Has potential for sound rich production.”