FREELANCE FEATURE WRITERS (call for pitches) / by Bear Guerra

Via The Guardian:

“What I am looking for in 2019:

Less, but better.

More narrative journalism, less mid-range news features.

More dialogue, more nuance, more complexities and ambivalence, less reaction pieces.

I’d like to put an emphasis on quality writing: sentences that make you weep; scenes that will stay with you forever; stories crazy enough you want to tell them at dinner parties.

I know this is a touchy subject, but for proper long form pieces, I’d like to receive more fleshed-out pitches (say, 5–8 paragraphs or more showing you have thought about who to reach out to and how, with some pre-reporting if applicable). I know this takes time and effort, but if I am committing to paying for travel, expenses and word count, not to mention for photography and art, I need to know the goods will be there once you hit the ground.”