Via Pew Research:

“The writer/editor is a position within the Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends research team, which studies behaviors and attitudes of Americans in key realms of daily life. Core topics include generations and aging; race and ethnicity; gender, work, marriage and family; U.S. population trends; and economics and personal finances.

 The writer/editor is responsible for writing and editing a mix of comprehensive, lengthy research reports and shorter analyses of research findings, including some data-driven blog posts. The Writer/Editor will be “embedded” with a team of researchers and work collaboratively with them to choose key research questions for investigation; identify important findings; synthesize findings into broader themes or storylines; evaluate drafts of research reports to determine whether there are shortcomings in the analysis and/or organization; edit, rewrite and reorganize drafts as necessary to improve flow and clarity; and ensure that the text is accompanied by appropriate charts and tables. They also will help researchers to generate ideas for data visualizations and interactive features. Following the release of major reports, they may help to present the research to the public through interviews, speeches and briefings, adhering to the Center’s non-partisan, non-advocacy stance while building a personal reputation for impartial analysis and expertise on particular subjects.”