EMERGING AUDIO ENGINEERS & PRODUCERS (fellowships) / by Bear Guerra

Via Stitcher:

“Stitcher is proud to announce that applications for our next Breakthrough Fellowship are now open. The Stitcher Breakthrough Fellowship is designed to help recruit diverse talent and promote inclusivity in podcasting. It is a great opportunity for someone who identifies as part of a underrepresented group in media and is looking to break in to the podcasting space. 

Our Summer 2019 fellow will be embedded in Stitcher’s audio engineering department. We are seeking applicants with interest in both engineering and production. The fellowship will run for four months, beginning in early Summer 2019. It is a full-time position, paying $25 per hour pre-tax. The position is located in NYC. 

Note, this is not aimed at recent college graduates; applicants should have at least 3 years of work experience in some field — does not have to be audio.”

DEADLINE: April 26.