Via The View from Somewhere:

Who you are: Our ideal editorial consultant(s) is an audio nerd who’s comfortable and familiar with discussing oppression and intersectionality, and has a keen ear for dynamics of power and privilege in storytelling. They would have experience with narrative structure in radio or podcast, and experience helping take someone else’s story from good to great. They should also be reliable and good with deadlines. Ideally this person identifies with more than one community underrepresented in mainstream media; southerners, POC and LGBTQ folks are encouraged to apply!

The gig: Our small production team is developing, writing, editing, and mixing episodes 20-35 minutes in length. Your role would be to sweep in near the end of the process, listen to an episode, and provide constructive feedback (by phone and in writing) on story structure, character, voice, and issues of power, diversity and representation in the piece. You would help us strategize about how to improve, and be a keen ear helping us make this podcast a meaningful experience for people of multiple backgrounds. You will NOT be line-editing, writing, doing story development, or seeing us through all the way to the end of production; this is purely a consultant role. We can pay $300 per episode and the consulting work per episode should not exceed 6 hours or $50/hour. We expect to complete drafts of episodes 1-2 times a month for the next six months.”