MAGAZINE WRITERS (call for stories) / by Bear Guerra

Via California Sunday magazine:

“We're excited to fill you in on something we’re planning for later this year: Pop-Up Magazine and California Sunday Magazinewill collaborate to create special, themed issues for both our Fall tour (which runs late Sept. through mid-Oct., across 8 cities) and our Sept/Oct issue. The theme for both? Escape.

Here’s where you come in. We’re on the hunt for story ideas for both the touring show and the magazine. Some may live in one or the other, some may live in both. And the great thing about escape? It’s a theme that lends itself to all types of stories. A story about video games is an escape story. A story about psychedelics is an escape story. A story about immigration can be about escape. A story about gender identity is an escape story. A story about confinement could be an escape story. A travel story can be about escape. So can a story about divorce. As always, we want stories that feature great characters, and we’re looking to represent a wide array of voices, perspectives, and tones in this issue — from humorous and light to serious and subversive. At a time when it seems everyone is trying to escape in some way — be it literal or figurative — what are the stories that people need to hear right now?  

To send ideas (both topical and otherwise) for California Sunday and/or Pop-Up, reply to this email. If you need a refresher on our contributor guidelines, check out California Sunday’s by emailing You can find Pop-Up’s here. We look forward to hearing from you!”