Via NPR:

“NPR's Science Desk is seeking a seasoned journalist to help cover climate change and how it is reshaping our lives. Climate science is evolving fast and the data it provides is helping governments, citizens and businesses react and adapt as they struggle to cope with the warming climate. 

The ideal candidate will have expertise in climate science and be able to find the narratives that make it relevant to people.  We're looking for someone who loves storytelling and is curious about the social and economic changes driven by shifts in climate and weather.

This position will follow research on attribution of extreme events, environmental, biological and health effects of global warming and new developments in global weather. The reporter will serve as a climate science policy watchdog, and - along with our broader climate team - help hold federal and state agencies and Congress accountable.  The reporter will also follow major international science policy, such as IPCC reports and multilateral agreements, and occasionally attend international meetings.”