WOMEN OF COLOR FREELANCE WRITERS (call for pitches) / by Bear Guerra


“ZORA is Medium’s online publication by, for and about women of color. 

Launching in June of 2019, our goal is to provide women of color a must-read destination for daily stories that reflect, enhance and uplift the complexity of her life.

Our topic areas include (in no particular order): current events, culture, identity, race, justice, equality, work/life, family, self, sexuality, parenting, psychology, spirituality, career, friendship, aging, habits, love and dating, body image, trauma and recovery, caregiving, hobbies... and the list goes on. 

We look at all these topics through the lens of the lived experiences of women of color. If a story touches on some aspect of pulling back the curtain—on the individual level, or the wider cultural level—it might be a fit for us.”