POC STORYTELLERS AND FILMMAKERS (call for proposals, August 30) / by Bear Guerra

Via Tribeca Film Institute:

“We are inviting diverse filmmakers (POC, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, women, nonbinary, people with disabilities) from the American South to apply for a new TFI IF/Then Shorts pitch opportunity at the 2019 New Orleans Film Festival, centered on the topic of Inclusive Economies. The pitch calls for original stand-alone short documentaries (10-20 minutes) that explore themes of economic inclusion and resilience through a regional and place-based lens.

What makes this Inclusive Economies pitch unique is that it aims to highlight character-led stories in which systemically excluded people and places in the South are maximizing their economic potential as creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. The Inclusive Economies theme for this year’s IF/Then American South Pitch seeks to amplify individuals and communities who are leveraging their social, cultural, financial, intellectual, and creative capital to create their own new economic realities. 

Priority will be given to POC-led stories and storytellers.”

DEADLINE: August 30.