Via McKnight Foundation:

“Social practice includes art forms that directly engage people in a place to create experiences that define culture and provoke social transformation. Pillsbury House Theatre will be the new administrative partner for the McKnight Fellowships for Community-Engaged Practice Artists. Pillsbury House Theatre was founded in 1992 as one of the settlement house sites under the umbrella of Pillsbury United Communities. The theater began as a professional arts institution committed to the settlement house tradition of creating art in collaboration with community. Pillsbury House Theatre will administer two fellowships of $25,000 each in unrestricted funds for midcareer community-engaged practice artists living and working in Minnesota each year. In addition to the cash award, community-engaged practice fellows will receive individualized consultative support for professional and project development leveraging the resources and networks of the theater and participate in public dialogues with prominent national social practitioners. They will also have access to funds for the initiation of new projects.

McKnight Artist Fellowships increase the exploratory opportunity, economic stability, and productive capacity of artists by providing unrestricted cash awards and artistic and professional development opportunities for midcareer artists in Minnesota. The McKnight Foundation now works with 12 discipline-specific arts partners to administer its artist fellowships, fueling exceptional and diverse artistic practice in Minnesota.”