FEATURES EDITORS (job) / by Bear Guerra

Via Vox Media:

“We’re looking for an energetic, creative editor to help build our features program. While Vox at large seeks to answer our audience’s most burning, pressing questions about what’s happening in the headlines, our features program will surface answers to questions our audience may not have known they had. With our features, we want to help readers understand the world, honing in on the big concepts, context, and ideas that often get drowned out by the twists and turns of the daily news cycle. This is an exciting opportunity to work on big, important, lasting stories -- we want our readers to return to our features for months and even years after they publish.

This editor will report to the senior features editor and assist in assigning and editing features. The editor will also help with the operational aspects of the features program: setting a publication schedule, making sure writers hit their deadlines, and coordinating with our visuals, engagement, and copy editing teams.

Candidate must be based in Washington, DC, or willing to relocate.”