CALIFORNIA WRITERS (call for stories, ongoing) / by Bear Guerra

Via Boom California:

Boom California embraces work in many different formats, although we normally publish the short and long-form essays, which are refereed through a double-blind peer review process. We invite written, photographic, artistic, and multimedia submissions in all formats and lengths, with essays from 800 to approximately 8,000 words.

Topics of particular interest to Boom California include:

  • Immigration

  • Race

  • Inequality

  • Social Justice

  • Gender

  • Queer Studies

  • Labor

  • Latinx Population and Culture

  • Asian American Population and Culture

  • African American Population and Culture

  • Poverty

  • Social Movements

Within and across these topics, our goal is to highlight California within broader global contexts, exploring them through various underexplored cultural modalities, including but not limited to expressions in history, religion, food, the environment, crime, music, film, media, and elsewhere.”