JOURNALISTS COVERING ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS (fellowship, August 22) / by Bear Guerra

Via New Economy Coalition:

“NEC is pleased to announce the third year of its New Economies Reporting Project fellowship. Starting in October 2019, 10 - 15 reporting fellows will receive training in solutions-based reporting on the economy. Applications are now open!

From the Green New Deal to Medicare For All to Universal Basic Income, the latest wave of progressive proposals each aim to solve significant problems through re-envisioning our economy. Even as popular support grows for more radical change, these big ideas for social programs often are defeated in the public arena because of a single, powerful question: how are we going to pay for it?

This year, the New Economies Reporting Project will support journalists who want to tackle this question head-on. Over the course of eight months, New Economies Reporting fellows will meet monthly and receive personalized briefings from grassroots experts on different topics related to the theme of financial solutions. All fellows will receive travel grants to attend Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, a conference of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives in Baltimore, October 17 - 20. At the conference, fellows will meet each other and receive a full-day of training on how to report from a solutions-perspective from experts in solutions journalism. Fellows will also receive a $1,000 stipend to honor their time in the program.”

DEADLINE: August 22.