AUDIO JOURNALISTS (call for stories, November 1) / by Bear Guerra

Via 70 Million:

70 Million, the award-winning open-source solutions journalism podcast, will begin production on its third season in January 2020. Season three will raise the bar on reporting on criminal justice reform through the lens of the local jail. 

We’re looking for long-form audio narratives that: explore local solutions, inside or outside the walls of the actual jail; introduce compelling characters who are system-involved; and immerse listeners in sound and scene-rich audio storytelling. Below are some topics we’ve been thinking about. Feel free to expand on any of these in your own pitch. Please listen to the previous seasons to avoid pitching stories that we may have already covered.

Reporter/producers will pitch, report, field record, script, and track their own stories. Mixing will be handled by our sound designer, but reporters will be responsible for using their own professional recording equipment and delivering organized audio. Travel expenses available if needed.

Please send your 500-word pitches to”

DEADLINE: November 1.