ASPIRING GAMING ARTISTS AND ANIMATORS (free education, December 31) / by Bear Guerra


Via Emile Cohl Art Academy:

“We offer two majors that allow talent to excel in the real world: Gaming & Animation. We are seeking the immensely talented. Those who are ready to take the artistic world by storm – without the burden of tuition costs and student loans.


Skill and motivation are your ticket to success at ECAA, which is why we have no admission requirements. No grades, no GPA, no ACT/SAT scores, no essays, no transcripts, no tax returns. Just talent.


All applicants and their portfolios are reviewed through out merit-based selection process. Your race, ethnicity, gender, background, legal status, academics or extracurricular activities are none of our concern: we’re looking for pure talent, and the 3-round process begins with your portfolio submission.”

DEADLINE: December 31.