call for proposals

POC STORYTELLERS AND FILMMAKERS (call for proposals, August 30) by Bear Guerra

Via Tribeca Film Institute:

“We are inviting diverse filmmakers (POC, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, women, nonbinary, people with disabilities) from the American South to apply for a new TFI IF/Then Shorts pitch opportunity at the 2019 New Orleans Film Festival, centered on the topic of Inclusive Economies. The pitch calls for original stand-alone short documentaries (10-20 minutes) that explore themes of economic inclusion and resilience through a regional and place-based lens.

What makes this Inclusive Economies pitch unique is that it aims to highlight character-led stories in which systemically excluded people and places in the South are maximizing their economic potential as creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. The Inclusive Economies theme for this year’s IF/Then American South Pitch seeks to amplify individuals and communities who are leveraging their social, cultural, financial, intellectual, and creative capital to create their own new economic realities. 

Priority will be given to POC-led stories and storytellers.”

DEADLINE: August 30.


Via LAist:

“We're looking to make podcasts that are:

  • Fueled by quality journalism. That means fact-based stories with impact.

  • Inspired by the "L.A. conversation," both actually and spiritually.

  • Any other stories — fact or fiction — that speak to who we are as Angelenos

So go on. Don't be shy. Head on over to to pitch your idea and learn more about what we want to make.

We're listening. And we hope you will too.”


FREELANCE BOOK REVIEWERS AND ANALYSTS (call for pitches, July 21) by Bear Guerra

Via High Country News:

“Each fall, High Country News produces its Books & Authors issue, showcasing some of the best and most exciting writing about the modern American West. We intend to surprise and delight our readers with interesting titles and writers, and with excellent longform essays and narratives. This year, we’re especially interested in highlighting diverse perspectives.

We're accepting pitches in the following categories:

  • Book excerpts

  • Book reviews

  • Author interviews

  • Author profiles

  • Essays”

DEADLINE: July 21.


STORYTELLING ENTREPRENEURS (grant, July 21) by Bear Guerra

Via Solutions Journalism:

The Solutions Journalism Network is seeking pitches from entrepreneurs interested in (or already) leading a solutions journalism-oriented project in their community.

The LEDE Fellowship is an opportunity for entrepreneurs leading solutions journalism projects to connect and learn from each other, and accelerate the spread of solutions journalism, creating both local impact and seeding national conversations.

The goal is to channel the energy and enthusiasm we’ve seen from members around the world into something with great potential for impact on the local journalism ecosystem and to build cohorts of champions around the world leading SJ projects. Successful projects will:

LEVERAGE the network: Projects should harness the expertise and resources of other journalists, be they from your community or others who are experts in the issue your project will take on.

ENGAGE the community: Fellows should not only connect, support, and/or celebrate journalists doing solutions journalism, but should also engage the community that the journalism informs.

DISSEMINATE the knowledge: Projects must directly produce (or catalyze the production of) more solutions journalism. We also encourage fellows to share learnings and best practices among one another and with the broader SJN network.

ELEVATE what — or who — is missing: Whether it’s amplifying marginalized voices or telling stories that mainstream media otherwise misses, successful projects will help to tell the whole story about what’s working.”

DEADLINE: July 21.

PUBLIC ARTISTS IN LOS ANGELES AREA (call for proposals) by Bear Guerra

Via Los Angeles County Arts Commission:

“The Los Angeles County Department of Culture's Civic Art Program seeks an artist or artist team to create an artwork to recognize the women and events surrounding the practice of coerced sterilization at the LA County + USC Medical Center in the 1960s and 70s.

The opportunity is for an exterior imbedded floor and/or 3-dimensional artwork in the upper courtyard. The historic LA County + USC Medical Center is one of the largest public hospitals and medical training centers in the United States, and the largest single provider of healthcare in LA County.”

DEADLINE: July 25.

ARTISTS AND TEACHERS IN LOS ANGELES (call for ideas, August 15) by Bear Guerra


Via Women’s Center for Creative Work:

“WCCW is now taking proposals for workshops, discussions, projects, and performances to take place during the Fall (September–November) of 2019!

This fall we’ll be presenting programs on WORK & LABOR, in conversation with the work of our fall artist in residence, Ahree Lee. We’re looking for programs — talks, workshops, discussions, performances, immersive experiences, screenings, etc. — that address labor that is visible and invisible, compensated and uncompensated, creative, technical, intellectual, conceptual and/or emotional.

Where is the boundary between work and leisure? What places and spaces do we think of as workplaces? How is invisible labor made visible? How is labor gendered, queered, and/or racialized? What labor is valued and compensated, and why? And how do we think about our labor — and our time — outside of colonial, patriarchal, and/or capitalist frameworks? These are some of the questions we’re thinking of — feel free to propose your own!

These programs will be offered during September, October, and November 2019.”

DEADLINE: August 15.

Canadian Documentary Filmmakers (funding) by Bear Guerra

Via Hot Docs:

“Get funding to get your film out of your head and onto the big screen! The Hot Docs Ted Rogers Fund, offering production grants of up to $20K, is now accepting applications.

Funding is not granted for projects in development, completed projects, or projects that have been screened or broadcast publicly, including at festivals. The Fund encourages projects to apply as early as the development stage is complete with a confirmed market partner in place. It is acceptable if the project has not officially begun principle photography. The ideal project is at a stage of production, whether it is prepping or shooting.”

DEADLINE: June 19. 

ESTABLISHED AND ASPIRING PUBLIC ARTISTS (call for proposals) by Bear Guerra

Via Los Angeles County Arts Commission:

“The Department of Arts and Culture's Civic Art Program is inviting emerging and established professional artists residing or working within the United States to respond to this national RFQ.

This RFQ will establish a roster of Artists for all Restorative Care Villages for both purchases of existing artworks and site-specific commissioned artwork.”

DEADLINE: July 11.


INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS IN MEXICO CITY (call for proposals) by Bear Guerra


Via Quinto Elemento Lab:

Quinto Elemento Lab has launched its third grant program for investigative journalism projects.

Entries must address aspects of the Mexican reality, and the resulting coverage must be relevant and intended to create an impact.

The organization will offer up to MXN85,000 to selected projects, as well as mentorship, edition, design, distribution strategy and production of each investigative piece.

The funds must cover reporters' salary, expenses derived from the investigation itself and travel expenses. The projects should be developed and published within two months.”


ARTISTS IN LOS ANGELES AREA (call for proposals) by Bear Guerra

The Women’s Center for Creative Work:

“WCCW is now taking proposals for Fall 2019 programming! During September, October, and November, we’ll be presenting programs on WORK & LABOR, in conversation with the work of our fall artist in residence, Ahree Lee. We’re looking for programs — talks, workshops, discussions, performances, immersive experiences, screenings, etc — that address labor that is visible and invisible, compensated and uncompensated, creative, intellectual, conceptual and/or emotional.”

DEADLINE: August 15.



Via Engaged Journalism Accelerator:

“We want to make it quicker and easier for news organisations of all sizes to discover and try out experiments that help them find an engagement model that works for them.

That’s why, with your help, we want to create a directory of engagement experiments.

Experiments can be:

  • Stopping something that you think has little impact

  • Iterating on and improving something that your organisation is already doing

  • Starting something new to engage your community

They don’t have to be successful (there's no shame, and there are often many learnings, in failure) but they should have a clear aim and measures of success.”

DEADLINE: June 12.


Via Center for Cooperative Media:

“Our first open, monthly call for collaboration managers across the U.S. is next week! We'll be talking on Tuesday, June 4, at 3 p.m. ET. To request an invitation, email Stefanie Murray at

We ask that all interested attendees also fill out this short Airtable form, to give us a sense of what times, days and topics you’d like the calls to cover.

The purpose is to connect collaboration managers — including folks managing long-term collaboratives as well as those managing specific projects — so they have a regular space to support each other, ask questions, discuss challenges they are facing, etc. Ever been on one of OpenNews's awesome community calls, or Gather's fantastic conversations? Kinda like those.”


STORYTELLERS FOCUSED ON MIGRATION (request for proposals) by Bear Guerra

Via National Geographic Society:

National Geographic Society is accepting applications for its Request for Proposals grant with a focus on documenting human migrations. 

Projects must document the causes and effects of one or more examples of present-day human migration; document the lives of present-day migrants, their journeys and receiving communities; or develop and test out classroom resources, curricula or public outreach materials that aim to increase understanding of the migrant experience and acceptance of migrant communities.

A typical grant will be less than US$30,000, but applicants may request up to U$70,000.”

DEADLINE: July 10.



Via Velocidad:

“Velocidad (which means “Velocity” in Spanish) will work with emerging Latin American digital media outlets that have strong leadership potential and are highly motivated to develop the necessary commercial, technical and editorial strategies to lay the foundations for an independent and sustainable news organization.

Under the direction of the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and SembraMedia, and with financial support from Luminate, Velocidad seeks to invest more than US$1.5 million between 2019 and 2021 to foster independent journalism in the region.”



ARTISTS FOCUSED ON RE-ENTRY IN LOS ANGELES AREA (call for applications) by Bear Guerra

Via LA County Arts Commission:

“The Arts Commission, the LA County Probation Department, and the LA County Office of Diversion and Reentry seek an artist or organization to establish an arts-focused approach to provide services to individuals on felony probation at the Reentry Center of the new probation office located at 3965 South Vermont Avenue.

The selected artist(s) or non-profit organization will be embedded in the South Vermont office as they work to establish a creative, collaborative culture and to develop a sustainable system of workshops, performances, and/or exhibitions. This new approach will support a long-term reentry strategy that aims to embed the arts in client healing, socio-emotional development, job skills training, and family reunification.”



Via The Open Notebook:

The Open Notebook is seeking pitches for our Diverse Voices series. This series examines the experiences, expertise, and perspectives of science journalists from communities that are underrepresented in science journalism. We strive, in our coverage, to consider multiple dimensions of diversity, including race, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ status, mental/physical ability, religion, class, age, nation of origin, and more. (Read our growing collection of Diverse Voices stories here.)

We invite pitches for original reported articles, Q&A interviews, roundtable discussions, first-person or reported essays, and other stories that help fulfill the series goals. Pitches should describe the proposed story’s angle and key elements. Note that TON stories typically include a heavy focus on science journalism craft, so we expect writers to offer strategies and tools that people can take away and apply to their own work. Please also briefly describe your background/credentials and include links to a few pieces of your published work. Articles should be about 1,500-2,000 words, and we pay between $750 and $1,000 per article. We do not have a travel budget.”