ARTIST-JOURNALIST COLLABORATIONS (grant, rolling deadline) by Bear Guerra

Via Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism:

“The Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism (ECFJ) is an experimental grant-making program that supports artists and artist-journalist teams producing innovative and revelatory journalistic work for major media outlets.

Underwritten by Craig Newmark PhilanthropiesECFJ is the first initiative of its kind to directly facilitate artists’ major media commissions in the realm of journalism. With the belief that artists are central in the invention and design of our shared future, and also critical in shifting public debate, ECFJ supports the execution of pieces that focus on reimagining the way stories are told, particularly around technology and society.

The funds distributed to grantees assist with research, travel, and other expenses many media outlets struggle to cover, allowing stories that are often out of reach in today’s climate to be produced.”

DEADLINE: Rolling.

STORYTELLING ENTREPRENEURS (grant, July 21) by Bear Guerra

Via Solutions Journalism:

The Solutions Journalism Network is seeking pitches from entrepreneurs interested in (or already) leading a solutions journalism-oriented project in their community.

The LEDE Fellowship is an opportunity for entrepreneurs leading solutions journalism projects to connect and learn from each other, and accelerate the spread of solutions journalism, creating both local impact and seeding national conversations.

The goal is to channel the energy and enthusiasm we’ve seen from members around the world into something with great potential for impact on the local journalism ecosystem and to build cohorts of champions around the world leading SJ projects. Successful projects will:

LEVERAGE the network: Projects should harness the expertise and resources of other journalists, be they from your community or others who are experts in the issue your project will take on.

ENGAGE the community: Fellows should not only connect, support, and/or celebrate journalists doing solutions journalism, but should also engage the community that the journalism informs.

DISSEMINATE the knowledge: Projects must directly produce (or catalyze the production of) more solutions journalism. We also encourage fellows to share learnings and best practices among one another and with the broader SJN network.

ELEVATE what — or who — is missing: Whether it’s amplifying marginalized voices or telling stories that mainstream media otherwise misses, successful projects will help to tell the whole story about what’s working.”

DEADLINE: July 21.


Via Center for Cooperative Media:

“Our first open, monthly call for collaboration managers across the U.S. is next week! We'll be talking on Tuesday, June 4, at 3 p.m. ET. To request an invitation, email Stefanie Murray at

We ask that all interested attendees also fill out this short Airtable form, to give us a sense of what times, days and topics you’d like the calls to cover.

The purpose is to connect collaboration managers — including folks managing long-term collaboratives as well as those managing specific projects — so they have a regular space to support each other, ask questions, discuss challenges they are facing, etc. Ever been on one of OpenNews's awesome community calls, or Gather's fantastic conversations? Kinda like those.”