Canadian Documentary Filmmakers (funding) by Bear Guerra

Via Hot Docs:

“Get funding to get your film out of your head and onto the big screen! The Hot Docs Ted Rogers Fund, offering production grants of up to $20K, is now accepting applications.

Funding is not granted for projects in development, completed projects, or projects that have been screened or broadcast publicly, including at festivals. The Fund encourages projects to apply as early as the development stage is complete with a confirmed market partner in place. It is acceptable if the project has not officially begun principle photography. The ideal project is at a stage of production, whether it is prepping or shooting.”

DEADLINE: June 19. 

DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKERS (funding) by Bear Guerra

Via Latino Public Broadcasting:

“Through its Current Issues Fund, LPB is accepting proposals for sixty- or ninety-minute documentary films from the Latino American perspective that explore contemporary civic and social justice issues, incorporate a journalistic approach into the filmmaking process, and have resonance for a U.S. national audience. Production and post-production grants ranging between $40,000 and $100,000 will be awarded in support of stories that explore timely issues, demonstrate artistic storytelling, and have the potential to engage communities in civic discourse beyond the broadcast. (Research and development are not be supported.)

Journalistic practice, broadly defined, must be integral to the project, as must a commitment to fairness, objectivity, and accuracy. 

To be eligible, projects must have a Latino/a director and/or producer; non-Latino/a co-applicants must have a Latino/a in a director or producer role. Applicants must also retain copyright, artistic, budgetary, and editorial control over the proposed project, and must be at least 18 years of age and a citizen or legal resident of the United States or one of its territories.”




Via International Documentary Association:

“IDA invites your participation in our 2019 Tools of the Trade: Documentary Equipment Survey!

This survey is designed for documentary filmmakers to share insights about their favorite equipment, user experiences, and biggest challenges. The results, which we aim to publish this fall, will give the nonfiction community a comprehensive portrait of what documentarians are using to take their storytelling skills to the next level. Our intention is to help filmmakers select the best possible technology for their projects. 

Please allow time to complete 25 questions and explain your preference where appropriate. When you complete the survey, you will have the opportunity to enter into a lottery for a free pass to Getting Real '20.”


DOCUMENTARY AUDIO MAKERS (call for ideas) by Bear Guerra

Via Third Coast International Audio Festival:

The 2019 Third Coast Conference is beginning to take shape, and we want to hear from you.

At the heart of the Third Coast Conference are Breakout Sessions, 75-minute presentations from inspiring voices across audio storytelling, each presented twice & recorded for our Pocket Conference podcast.

Now, we are building new Breakout Sessions for 2019. Here are a few ways we want to involve YOU:


We invite you to send your general input, ideas, suggestions & feedback to inform the 2019 Breakout Sessions. We take your input really seriously & will read each survey response carefully, though you may not hear back from us directly.


If you want to pitch a Breakout Session, please read these Pitch Guidelines carefully & email your pitch to

If you have send us a pitch for a session after May 10th, we may still be open to your idea, as Conference programming allows. But your best chance to pitch us isnow !”