Via Audible:

“We’re looking for the right combination of distinctive creative judgement, high emotional intelligence, exceptional understanding of the factual and scripted genres and excellent organisation skills. You will have a love for great audio and storytelling. You are likely to have existing relationships with creatives in the factual space and want to discover new writing, presenting and journalistic talent. You will want to push boundaries. You will also possess a deep understanding of why great audio programs work - and how to foster greatness in your own projects.

The Original Content Specialist AU will be part of Audible’s vision for original content production and a pilot/prototype-driven approach to testing and learning in a rapidly growing and fast-moving environment. The Original Content Specialist AU will help evolve the original content slate in ANZ while shaping production standards and best practices.

We’re looking for the right combination of distinctive editorial judgment, high emotional intelligence, and excellent organisational and time management skills. The Original Content Specialist AU will have a love for great audio and storytelling, want to push boundaries and discover new things, as well as possess a deep understanding of why great audio programs work and how to foster greatness in their projects.”



FEATURES EDITORS (job) by Bear Guerra


Via Medium:

“Medium is expanding its editorial team. We are looking for an excellent, experienced features editor for Elemental, our publication focused on science-backed health and wellness.

You will conceive, assign, and edit ambitious features, essays, and columns—our “cover stories.” You will also write features when appropriate, using your strong writing and reporting skills to help define our publication’s identity.

This is a role for an ideas person who is a highly creative thinker and storyteller, endlessly curious about health and its related fields, and who is versatile enough to produce standout coverage across diverse topic areas, from nutrition and fitness to neuroscience and psychedelics. You have exquisite taste and an instinctive feel for what’s in the zeitgeist. You are confident working with writers at the top of their game, and are ready to get your hands dirty (and have fun!) writing stories yourself. You also know the competitive landscape of health and wellness publications, have great ideas about how to stand apart, and offer coverage that’s well-reported, thoughtful, and makes readers smarter.”



Via Politico:

“POLITICO Pro is launching a new team of reporters to cover federal and state cannabis policy, and we’re looking for an editor to lead the team. The proliferation of legalization of marijuana in dozens of states has created a complex set of rules, regulations and legislation while the federal government tries to navigate the dynamic landscape of legal and illegal marijuana. POLITICO Pro is looking for an editor to lead a small team of two reporters to help launch a new policy vertical that will focus on federal and state cannabis policy. Preferred candidates should have serious policy reporting or editing experience, and knowledge of state and federal policymaking. Expertise in marijuana policy – including medical, tax, financial aspects of cannabis regulation – a plus. The editor will be a player/coach, editing, assigning and writing both stories and the daily newsletter.”



Via Travel & Leisure:

“The Editorial Assistant is an integral part of the Travel + Leisure print editorial team. He/she assists the editor in chief, executive editor, and managing editor in the day-to-day operations of the magazine, ensuring a smooth workflow. He/she will help these senior team members run calendars and budgets; process invoices and expenses for staff and contributors; book travel for the editor in chief; meet and greet clients; and assist with maintaining the order of the office (picking up packages, messengering services). He/she will also contribute ideas to the magazine, participate in team editorial meetings, close departmental pages, and write FOB pieces, as needed.”




Via Frontline:

“FRONTLINE is looking for a sharp, thoughtful Local Initiatives Editor to help oversee a new national-local reporting initiative. The Local Initiatives Editor, who should be based in Boston, will help to establish and solidify relationships with reporters in communities across the country to develop a powerful transmedia reporting project on a single topic or issue. The goal of the project is both to enhance local reporting capacity and break new ground on a topic of national significance.

The editor will guide the day-to-day work on the project, coordinating with the local reporters, and overseeing and editing their work for publication, in coordination with FRONTLINE’s senior editorial staff. While the bulk of the project will likely be in text, experience editing or engaging in interactive or transmedia work is a plus.

We are seeking a smart, self-motivated person who can ask big questions but still sweat the details. They should have a healthy sense of curiosity, sound editorial judgment, established reporting skills and a passion for investigative and accountability journalism.”



ASPIRING EDITORS (fellowship, June 14) by Bear Guerra

Via Lit Hub:

“We are seeking a highly organized and motivated editorial fellow. The fellow will be an integral part of a small team, working closely with editors on day-to-day operations. As the fellow must be able to work with us in the office, we will not be considering remote applicants; applicants who are not currently in New York but willing to relocate should explicitly indicate that in their cover letters.

Responsibilities include:
– Assistance maintaining the website
– Preparing pieces for publication: copy-editing, formatting on WordPress, headlining, and creating feature images
– Help maintaining database of forthcoming titles, as well as selecting fiction and nonfiction excerpts to feature
– General office duties

– The ability to multitask, a great deal of initiative
– Proficient in Microsoft Office, experience with WordPress and Adobe Creative Adobe Suite a plus
– A basic understanding of HTML
– Strong critical reading and writing skills
– Familiarity with contemporary literature and literary publications
– Previous publishing and/or editorial experience is preferred

This is a paid, full-time position with opportunities for advancement. The fellowship is six months (July through December).”

DEADLINE: June 14.



Via Solutions Journalism:

“As the 2020 election approaches, many Americans are shocked and dismayed by the collapse of civil discourse—not just on the national stage, but in communities nationwide. Polarization, distrust and misunderstanding rule political life and are increasingly fraying the social fabric. We struggle to talk to one another, to listen respectfully, and even to acknowledge the humanity of others with whom we strongly disagree. Problem-solving is sabotaged by the impulse to blame or demonize.

For the most part, the news makes things worse. Journalists gravitate towards extreme voices and treat them as representative. We search for conflict, and focus on dysfunction and failure, often at superficial or “sound bite” levels, and frequently fail to probe more deeply to understand what’s underneath the conflict, whether it may be feelings of hurt, loss, alienation, anxiety, injustice or fear. This is by far the media’s most pervasive bias, and it feeds into stereotypes and demogoguery.

In 2018, SJN commissioned groundbreaking research that asked the following: What if journalists covered hot-button issues differently — based on how humans actually behave when they are polarized and suspicious? "Complicating the Narratives” (CTN) (located here: https://thewholestory.solutionsjournalism.org/complicating-the-narratives-b91ea06ddf63), the resulting research and essay, powerfully explained what journalists can learn from experts in conflict mediation. It showed how journalists can do better to reveal the complexity and nuance in many stories — qualities that are essential to break through the oversimplified frames that are so polarizing and hurtful.

SJN is building on the research -- and on the excitement it generated -- with a project that will do the following: (1) help to change the view — which is false, but widespread among journalists — that the public actually seeks more conflict and polarization in political coverage; (2) equip journalists with the reporting skills to get underneath conflict to capture people’s experiences and motivations — instead of their knee-jerk positions — and open up more space for empathetic understanding (if not agreement) on divisive issues; and (3) seed pilot projects anchored in CTN principles in several communities.

Role description: SJN is seeking a project manager with a strong journalism background to lead this work.”

DEADLINE: June 16.





Via Daily Beast:

“We are seeking a dependable, self-motivated, creative and inquisitive senior editor to join our team in a six-month capacity to run our Innovation vertical. The role is ideally based in New York but with the potential for working remotely. The Innovation Editor is expected to assign and edit stories on the latest breakthroughs and far-future developments in the life sciences, space, health and medicine, advanced technologies, climate, robotics, A.I., and more. The editor must have a proven ability to conceive, develop and produce stories of various lengths, both long-form features and quick news-of-day articles. He or she must also have demonstrated skills in writing his or her own stories and quickly and accurately interpreting scientific studies and other data.

Based in New York City.”



Via CPR News:

“CPR News expansion continues thanks to a generous grant from the Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation to grow its environmental reporting. The Climate and Environment Editor will lead a team to generate radio features and newscast spots, and innovative digital and audio storytelling that covers developments around climate, weather, water and the environment. The ideal candidate will have experience generating engaging content across multiple platforms, be able to inspire the team’s reporters to even greater storytelling and play an important role on the News leadership team.”



Via The New York Review of Books:

The New York Review of Books is hiring an editorial assistant. Assistants work with the senior editors of the magazine to convey edits to our writers, edit reviews in early stages, propose commissions, and evaluate unsolicited submissions and letters to the editor. They also perform a variety of administrative and organizational tasks that keep the office running smoothly. Ideal candidates have attention to detail, previous editorial experience, strong writing ability, and a demonstrated interest in books and criticism, as well as a familiarity with the writing of the Review.

Those interested should send a summary of their experience and samples of their writing as soon as possible to jobs@nybooks.com. The position is full-time, salaried, and comes with healthcare.”



EDITORS FOCUSED ON TECH (job) by Bear Guerra

Via Futurism:

“Futurism.com is an independent digital media publication covering the breakthrough technologies and scientific discoveries that will shape humanity’s future. Our mission is to interrogate the development of these transformative technologies as they change the way we live — our culture, our jobs, our lives. Futurism reaches over three million monthly readers and over 50MM monthly views on Facebook, making it one of the largest digital science and technology publishers focused on the future.

The ideal candidate for this position is deeply passionate about all things futuristic – everything from the newest use of CRISPR to the latest developments in quantum computing. They’ll be supporting the News Editor in his daily duties, switching seamlessly between writing and editing, closely following multiple beats, developing story ideas, editing a team of writers, filing vivid and accurate stories, and juggling short- and long-term projects.”


DIGITAL NEWS EDITORS (remote job) by Bear Guerra

Via Chalkbeat:

Chalkbeat, the growing nonprofit news organization telling the story of education in America, seeks a Managing Editor for Style and Standards to lead our editing team, oversee editorial operations, and boost our newsroom leadership.

The Managing Editor for Style and Standards will help elevate our overall story quality and improve our collective skills so that our journalism is the best it can possibly be. This person will supervise a team of four story editors, oversee style and voice guides, and manage onboarding and training programs for reporters and editors. The role will blend day-to-day guidance on story editing with strategic thinking on how the newsroom functions.

This position will report to the executive editor and sit on the network management team that helps guide organization-wide strategy and planning.”


NEWS EDITORS (job) by Bear Guerra

Via Vice:

“The News & Issues desk at VICE.com is looking for an energetic, motivated deputy editor to be our strategic lead. The right person has a news background with a track record in getting scoops in one or more of the following beats: Inequality, Race, Health, Drugs, Environment, and Gender/Identity. They also have an excellent news sense, a talent for managing people, and a quick brain for thoughtful, timely, punchy, sometimes funny, always human, conversation-starting stories.

The deputy is a rigorous editor who is persnickety about copy and capable of getting even the trickiest of drafts into publishable shape. This person will serve as a senior leader across the newsroom and will motivate their team to produce their best work. They will think strategically and creatively about packaging and formats, always looking for the most interesting way to tell a story, and seek opportunities to collaborate with the social, video, and events teams.”


OPINION EDITORS (job) by Bear Guerra

Via The New York Times:

“The New York Times Opinion department is looking for a Deputy Op-Ed editor who will be in charge of its Sunday Review section. Each week the review features some of The Times’s best writing and most provocative arguments, with a mixture of deep reportage, news analysis, humor, first-person narratives, photographs, illustrations and graphics. 

The Sunday Review editor oversees the commissioning and editing of essays by outside writers -- including in-depth cover stories. This editor should have an instinct for what sorts of pieces connect with The Times's audience and be able to advance constructive debate about big ideas. The editor also works closely with Opinion's art director and design director on the overall look of the section, collaborating in the selection of illustrations, photographs and other artwork. The job requires strong organizational and communications skills, creative ideas for framing pieces, deft editing hands and a discerning eye for good writing. A sense of humor helps.”



Via The View from Somewhere:

Who you are: Our ideal editorial consultant(s) is an audio nerd who’s comfortable and familiar with discussing oppression and intersectionality, and has a keen ear for dynamics of power and privilege in storytelling. They would have experience with narrative structure in radio or podcast, and experience helping take someone else’s story from good to great. They should also be reliable and good with deadlines. Ideally this person identifies with more than one community underrepresented in mainstream media; southerners, POC and LGBTQ folks are encouraged to apply!

The gig: Our small production team is developing, writing, editing, and mixing episodes 20-35 minutes in length. Your role would be to sweep in near the end of the process, listen to an episode, and provide constructive feedback (by phone and in writing) on story structure, character, voice, and issues of power, diversity and representation in the piece. You would help us strategize about how to improve, and be a keen ear helping us make this podcast a meaningful experience for people of multiple backgrounds. You will NOT be line-editing, writing, doing story development, or seeing us through all the way to the end of production; this is purely a consultant role. We can pay $300 per episode and the consulting work per episode should not exceed 6 hours or $50/hour. We expect to complete drafts of episodes 1-2 times a month for the next six months.”



Via BBC:

“Experienced journalists who are fluent in English and Swahili can apply for the position in Dar es Salaam.

BBC Swahili is hiring an assistant editor to join its radio and digital team in Tanzania.

The journalist will oversee editorial operations in the Dar es Salaam bureau, ensuring online, digital and social media content meets its editorial standards and is relevant to its audiences.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrable experience in a senior journalistic role, knowledge of the Tanzanian and wider East African political, economic and cultural environment, and extensive editorial experience of online and digital media.”




Via Reveal:

“We’re looking for an accomplished, ambitious editor to lead one of the world’s largest and best teams dedicated to investigative reporting.

Our ideal applicants will bring a wealth of experience in managing successful investigative projects. For this position, which will report to the editor-in-chief, we’re seeking candidates who have proven the ability to cultivate projects of national and international scope, whether in text, audio, or video. We’re looking for well-honed instincts for navigating troves of data, assessing story leads and tips, and coaching journalists through dead ends and alleyways in the reporting process. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate a record of collaboration and mentorship in newsrooms.

You should be prepared to guide reporters through the thorniest parts of difficult investigations, helping them craft FOIAs, coax sources to talk, navigate ethical issues and prepare for security concerns. You should savor great storytelling, no matter the form it takes, and value collaborating with journalists across all platforms to bring investigative projects to life in the richest possible fashion. You should be skilled at editing stories, elevating bold reporting with deft and lucid writing, and developing the skills of editors you supervise. And you should be prepared to manage world-class teams of reporters and editors, including some of the best data journalists in the business.”



ONLINE EDITORS/WRITERS (PT remote job) by Bear Guerra

Via Bustle Digital Group:

“Romper is seeking a Contributing News Editor. The right candidate is a total generalist, and has a passion for covering political news, viral news, entertainment, and celebrity news for a site that is the go-to destination for millennial mothers. A sense of urgency, strong news judgement, and attention to which stories and angles resonate with the audience are essential, along with a desire to continue building Romper's identity as a feminist, fun, and informative place for all women. 

Please note that this position is part-time with a work schedule of Sunday to Thursday. 

This editor will be responsible for assigning, editing, and/or producing several news articles per day. Candidates should have a solid understand of SEO and social media and an ability to refine angles for various platforms and package stories accordingly. They should be just as comfortable covering the latest Kardashian pregnancy rumor as they are reporting on the new health care plan, with an eagerness to cover breaking news throughout the week.”




Via Voice of Witness:

“Part time: 20 hours per week, prorated salary/benefits (medical, dental, PTO)

Salary: $20K

Start date: July 2019

We are seeking an editorial assistant (EA) to VOW’s managing editor (ME) to work on upcoming and existing books in the VOW series. EA will assist ME in a range of editorial and administrative tasks. The EA position tasks include but are not limited to: coordinating and interfacing among ME, project leads, and other VOW staff; transcription; project documentation and  communications; volunteer coordination; and maintaining departmental and project budgets. If you have experience with project management and publishing, have a passion for storytelling, and would like to help our dynamic, award-winning nonprofit increase our impact, please consider joining our small, dedicated team.

Applicants will possess excellent written and oral communication skills, be highly collaborative, and be comfortable as an ambassador for VOW. Qualified applicants will have at least two years of experience in project organization or a similar editorial assistant position. Applicants who have experience working with immigrant communities or social justice issues are encouraged to apply. Fluency in Spanish or another language is a plus. EA ideally has an interest in and familiarity with trends in publishing. Applicants will also be organized, detail oriented, and adept at project documentation.”



TRAVEL EDITORS (FT job) by Bear Guerra


Via Outside:

“We're hiring a full-time editor to help spearhead our growing travel coverage. The ideal candidate is a self-starter who can conceive of, assign, and edit ambitious travel ideas for print and online. They should bring a deep well of travel contacts, creative ideas, and the fire to execute them well, plus rigorous time- and deadline-management skills. 

Essential duties will include:

  • Help lead our Travel efforts in the front of the magazine and online;

  • Conceive of, assign, and edit stories and regular columns for print and digital; 

  • Pitch ideas for print and digital;

  • Manage and grow our stable of travel writers;

  • Monitor online travel traffic and hit monthly online traffic goals; 

  • Stoke an obsession with the adventure travel world. 

This job is based in our Santa Fe, New Mexico headquarters; no remote candidates. Salary commensurate with experience.