COMMUNITY ARTISTS (fellowship) by Bear Guerra

Via NAS:

“Arts and culture can be a powerful force for positive community change. That's why creative people who are called to strengthen their communities need to be supported.

Driving transformation through arts and culture can be daunting, difficult and often lonely. Creative Community Fellows brings cultural trailblazers across New England together for six months, to be part of something bigger, to learn life-changing skills and to see dreams become reality.


You are...

a creative change-maker in your community. You use the power of arts and culture to drive equitable social or physical transformations in your world, alongside local partners.

You have...

a good start, but want to advance your project to make an even greater impact. So you’ll need the curiosity, an open mind and determination to tackle the challenges ahead.

You'll gain...

understanding of strategy, design thinking and leadership from University of Pennsylvania faculty, NAS, leading mentors and practitioners in the field, as well as your peers. 94% of Fellows said they gained new skills relevant to their work.

You'll use...

your new knowledge right away. Together, we’ll test, adapt and build on your work. You’ll walk away with clarity…and a game plan. 90% of Fellows said they shared learnings from the program with their collaborators and organizations.

You'll join...

an incredible community of collaborators dedicated to learning from and sharing with each other. It’s a connected cohort that continues to support each other long after the program concludes.”

DEADLINE: April 22.




Via Press On:

“The Freedomways Reporting Project will bring together eight journalists and storytellers with experienced mentors to pursue community-driven reporting projects. Over nine months (June 2019 — February 2020), participants will receive training and support from mentors and social movement partners to produce a series of stories that help advance justice.

In our aim to strengthen journalism driven by people who are building power within marginalized and oppressed communities, we encourage women of color and LGBTQ people of color who currently live in southern communities to apply.

Applicants that identify with any of the categories below are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Community Media: Those who work in or are affiliated with community and rural media outlets, including those from non-traditional outlets

  • Organizers: Storytellers who produce narratives that drive power-building across social movements

  • Freelance journalists: Independent reporters focused on community-driven storytelling looking to deepen their reporting on a local or regional issue or community

  • Mid-Career journalists: Reporters transitioning from legacy news organizations to independent media with an interest in community-driven reporting.”




U.S. ARTISTS/CREATIVE PLACEMAKERS (fellowships) by Bear Guerra


Via Transportation for America:

“This new fellowship, created with funding from the Kresge Foundation, builds upon the deep knowledge and expertise T4America has established over the last four years in arts and culture in transportation. The fellowship, which will be filled by a class of approximately 10-15 professionals already working at the intersection of the arts and transportation, will help them elevate their work to the next level.

Over the last year, we provided training to three communities to help them build connections between local arts agencies and departments of transportation. This ACT fellowship expands the scope of that type of training to help a wide range of individual transportation and community leaders from across the country share creative placemaking practices and challenges with their peers. Fellows will learn from one another and develop the tools and expertise to train novices who want to learn more about this emerging practice.

We are now accepting applications from interested teams of candidates (at least two but no more than four people per team) from the same locality. We recommend that your team has a mix of unique or shared experiences in the arts & culture, transportation, and community development sectors.”



ASPIRING PODCAST PRODUCERS (fellowship) by Bear Guerra


Via Western Sound:

“Western Sound, an audio production company based in Los Angeles, Calif., has an production fellowship program for people starting their careers in audio and podcasting.

What is a production fellowship program? It’s just like an internship program, but instead of being aimed at students and for college credit, it’s paid and for anyone starting their career in audio.

Our fellowship program is designed to give you editorial, production and business training to help start your career in podcasting. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply (people of color, women, gender non-binary, LGBTQ, immigrants, underrepresented regions / areas / cultures).

Our apprenticeship program will teach you a lot about:

  • What makes a great podcast

  • How to make great podcasts, including field recording, interviewing and producing

  • The logistics that go into podcast production

  • Podcasting strategies

  • The overall podcast industry

You’ll work directly with our team of producers and help make our shows. You’ll gain real production experience, including: research and reporting, field producing, cutting tape, and mixing. You’ll learn about the business side and why we make the shows we do. You’ll help us keep our office running smoothly (not gonna lie, there’s some housekeeping and gophering too). You’ll also produce for our in-house podcast.

At the end of our fellowship program, you’ll have made at least one thing for your reel and have valuable new experiences you’ll take with you to your next job application.”



Via Stitcher:

“Stitcher is proud to announce that applications for our next Breakthrough Fellowship are now open. The Stitcher Breakthrough Fellowship is designed to help recruit diverse talent and promote inclusivity in podcasting. It is a great opportunity for someone who identifies as part of a underrepresented group in media and is looking to break in to the podcasting space. 

Our Summer 2019 fellow will be embedded in Stitcher’s audio engineering department. We are seeking applicants with interest in both engineering and production. The fellowship will run for four months, beginning in early Summer 2019. It is a full-time position, paying $25 per hour pre-tax. The position is located in NYC. 

Note, this is not aimed at recent college graduates; applicants should have at least 3 years of work experience in some field — does not have to be audio.”

DEADLINE: April 26.